Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chapter 1

   The room was dark, the only light came from a single screen. The screen showed two kids around the age of five, playing around a fountain.
  "They must be separated. It is the only way the world will be safe."
  "Their too young! It may cause even more damage than is foretold."
  "That is exactly why we need to split them up at this early age. If they get to attached to each other than things could be even worse than what was predicted."
  " Fine. If thats how it's going to be then we must watch them and make sure they never see each other again"
The first speaker smiled a small triumphant smile under his cloak. "Then i will do what I must to keep them apart. But you brother must also take watch."
  "Sure, how about this, I'll watch Daren and you can watch Brooke?"
  "No Diego, I'll get Daren, he will need an iron fist to lead him."
  "Fine Ezra, I'll watch Brooke."
  "Good now we must call their parents and inform them on whats going to happen." Diego left the room leaving Ezra to watch the screen. Brooke and Daren were now on the ground looking at the stars through the trees. The full moon shone down on them making it fully clear to Ezra what was happening on their end. He sighed then muttered to himself," John will not like this at all."


   "Look Dare theres the Big Dipper!" Brooke pointed to the big star at the top of the trees, a big crooked smile on her face. 
"I think i see it." Daren said squinting his eyes trying to imagine the Big Dipper from that one star. Brooke just laughed and Daren closed his eyes. "What are you do-"
"Shhhhh, listen." The moment she closed her eyes she could hear it. Little sounds that all the critters of the night make. It made her smile grow even bigger. their glorious time was interrupted by another sound, make that five other sounds that they didn't want to hear. Their eyes snapped open at the sound of foot steps. They looked at each other and came to a silent agreement. They ran toward the fountain and jumped inside waiting for their victims to arrive. "Brooke we know you're out here!"
"Mom says you have to come home."
"She doesn't want a repeat of yesterday."
Silently Daren held up three fingers and mouthed to her, one, two, three! On the third they jumped out of the fountain and shot the five boys with dart guns. The boys yelped in shock, then realized what was happening. They all exchanged evil grins, the adrenalin left  Daren and Brooke as they saw what was to come. The boys rushed at them making them run around in circles until they were all worn out. panting the tallest of the boys said, "Common Brooke we gotta go eat dinner, Mom's gonna be really mad if were late." Brooke then immediately sat down, crossing her arms in front of her chest with a determined look on her face. "Nope, I am not leaving this spot until I get to stay up as late as you. And nothing you can do, Jack, will change my mind." Jack looked hopefully at Daren seeing he was Jack's last hope of getting her home without means of physical force. "Sorry, I can't help you there. She's not going give in this time. She means it." Jack sighed, he walked calmly over to Brooke then picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. "AH! Jack! Put me down!"  She pounded her small fists on his back, but it had no effect on him. "Sorry squirt mom says she needs you home before we can eat and i do not want cold pasta." Seeing that brute strength would not get her out of his grip she did something any friend would do. "Can Daren come have dinner with us?"Daren perked up at the sound of that, he always loved Mrs. Halenbergs food and it was always more fun when he ate at their house. One of the other boys shook his head,  looking a bit worried."Mom said it was a family dinner tonight. They have something to tell us I just know it. You know she loves Daren like another son but she said it was immediate family only." Brooke's face scrunched at the word immediate. "That means only us and mom and dad." "Oh. I guess we better go home if its that big of an announcement that Daren can't come than it has to be important."Brooke said sadly. Jack put her down knowing she wouldn't run away now. Daren went up to her and gave her a hug. "Can me when your done with dinner." he whispered into her ear. They had strung a set of can phones from one house to the other so that they could talk to each other when they couldn't see them. They both parted their separate ways to eat dinner. Daren felt a little sad about not being able to go to Brooke's house. His sadness disappeared when he remembered Noah telling him that he was like a sixth son to them. He would just have to wait until their dinner was over to find out what happened.

    They all sat around the table. That's what worried them the most, they only sat around the table for important, big news. They sat in order of age, at the head of the table was their dad, John Halenburg, to his right was their mom, Lily, from then on it went Jack, Noah, Joey, Tyler, Jacob and then the youngest Brooke. Their dad stood up and cleared his throat, suspension hung in the room. "As you may have heard I have some exciting news to tell you." This is where their mother stood beside him and chipped in. "They promoted your father at work." she told. A sigh of relief swept the kids faces, all except Jack who has a feeling there is more to it than they know. "What else." he asked his face was serious. The parents exchanged looks, their dad was the first to answer. "Due to my new position we are going to move." Total silence. Brooke spoke quietly, "You mean to the house that their selling down the street, right?" Her mom tried to reach out to her but she just backed away, she sighed and continued with the news. "No dear, were going to move out of the state, were moving to Washington D.C." Brooke shook her head in disbelief, tears started swelling in her eyes.  Every one looked at her with concern. Jacob tried to scoot over and give her a one arm hug, she shoved his arm out of the way and sprinted towards her room. She slammed the door with such force it shook the house. She lay on her bed and cried. How am  ever gonna tell Daren? How will I ever stay alive without my friend?! Brooke's thoughts raced through her mind the were s overpowering she didn't hear the little jingle of her can phone. Another thought occurred to her after the second jingle, maybe I'm dreaming! That must be it I'm probably still next to the fountain laying next to Daren! She pinched herself just to make sure. "Ouch!" When she didn't see Daren next to her she started crying all over again. The cans rang a third time. She took a deep breath and answered, "Hello?" Daren take a moment when he heard the way she said hello, not the usual peppy style he'd grown to know. "Brooke, you all right? You don't soun-" Then it struck him, the news had to be bad. "Brooke what was the news?" She took in a shudder breath. "We're moving." With that word Daren collapsed on his bed still holding the phone, trying to process what he just heard. "W-what do you mean moving? Are you moving down the street?"
"I wish! We're moving to Washington D.C. out of the state!"
"No you can't."
"I have to, Dad got a promotion so we have to move."
"When are you leaving?"
"I don't know, i was too upset to ask. I don't want to leave! I like it here! My best friend lives so close to me i could walk, we have the best hide out in the world and, I'm scared to go, to leave my best friend behind, it's just not fair."
"Brooke just calm down. We can do this! We have to, we'll keep in touch maybe see each other in the summer. You can stop by anytime it's fine by me and my mom. She thinks of you as the daughter she never had."
"I know but I just don't know how I'll be able to come, D.C. is so far away...i think."
"Let's not talk about this now why don't we meet by the fountain tomorrow and put together a time capsule."
"A what?"
"A time capsule. It's where we put a bunch of things that mean something to you or me or both of us and we place it somewhere where no one can touch it until some way later date."
"Sure, why not, I'm really bummed about the news and I think all the crying wore me out. I'm gonna go to sleep. See you tomorrow"
"Of course you will silly. Now go to bed i need to sleep to and we'll need a lot of energy for tomorrow."
"Goodnight Daren."
"Night Brooke." He placed the cans down and looked at his ceiling. The glow in the dark stars would never compare to the ones they saw tonight. So bright and clear, like white diamonds stuck in a deep blue velvet pillow. The moon the largest white diamond Daren has ever seen. He closed his eyes thinking about the possible places hidden in the night sky.

   The days flew by, boxes filled up the Halenburg's house just as precious items were placed into the loose block on the fountain. The last day before the move Brooke and Daren met by the fountain one last time to make sure everything was in the capsule. "O.K. I've checked off everything off the list, I thinks thats it."
"Not yet there is still one more thing." She pulled out from behind her back a scrap book with a picture of them, arms behind each other, on the front cover. "That was the beginning of this summer!" Daren exclaimed. "Me and my brothers put this together with a little help from mom, they figured they should be in it too so i told them the only way they get in is to help make it so they did." She handed the book over for Daren to see. He flipped through the pages carefully looking back at the memories made his smile grow sadder and bigger. He gently place the book in the gap of the stones at the top of the pile. It is almost as if you could hear the sad movie music playing in the background. Thats how it seemed when they finally closed the capsule. They headed back to Brooke's house to say final good byes. Daren gave all five boys a "man" hug, Brooke's mom almost crushed his ribs with her hug, her father gave him a pat on the back and some strange manly word of advice that didn't even make sense. Then there was Brooke, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, "Don't forget about me." Tears trickled silently down her face. "Oh wait! That reminds me." Daren pulled out a small black box with a tiny red bow on it, her favorite color. "You can't open this until you are out of sight from me. Promise?"
"Promise." With that they said good bye, Brooke had to be dragged into the car to move from that spot. They drove away, Brooke stared out the window until she couldn't see his house anymore. She promptly opened the box. She gave a little gasp, inside the box was a small locket, a silver round locket, that wasn't what got her. It was the note inside that really got her. It said,
I hope you will remember me by this locket, but more than that. I want you to look at the stars and see if you can find the one we found the night we heard the news. Try and find it then you will know I'm out there looking at it too. Miss you all ready.
(P.S. My mom helped me, she says the letter is from her too but it's mostly from me. She misses you too!)
Brooke looked back down at the locket, she picked it up. "Hey Jacob?"
"Can you help me put this on?" 
"Sure squirt." He tied it around her neck, she leaned back and fell asleep.

   Daren waited until he couldn't see their car anymore. He let his arm fall to his side and started to walk back home. When he turned around he came face to face with a man in a cloak. The cloak covered most of his face like the Lord Sidius in Star Wars. "You seem a little out of sorts Daren." Daren looked startled at the strange man. "My best friend just left, for ever."
"How do you know she will never come back?"
"I have a feeling."
"How would you like to get some help?"
"Yes, help to get you to put your mind at ease about your lost friend."
"What do you mean." The man sighed and held up his hand. He snapped his fingers and a purple ball of light danced in his palm. "How would you like to enter a world of magic?"
"Yes I can teach you all that there is to know about the wonders of magic." Daren stared at the mans palm, watching the light dance across his palm yet seem to levitate. "What do I have to do?"
"Just take my hand and i will show you the way." Daren started to reach out, then halted half way to his hand. "Wait, first i need to know something."
"I will answer it as long as it is a reasonable question."
"What is your name?"
"My name is Ezra." Daren grabbed his hand. "And welcome to a world of wonders."

Ack sorry for lousy beginning should be better later on! I hope!


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