Friday, January 28, 2011

Chapter 2

11 years later

   He sat on the stone wall, the wind pulling at his black trench coat. His dark hair laid slightly over his piercing blue eyes. He was a little tall for his age and his jeans were slightly wet at the bottom from walking through the wet sand. The sneakers by his side were covered in sand and mini rocks. The waves lapped the bottom of the wall. The water glistening in the evening sunset, changing the tide from orange to a blood red. "Where is he, he should have been here by now." He mumbled to himself. Just then a silver convertible pulled up, the windows specially designed to be tinted so you couldn't see the drivers face. He knew it was illegal but he didn't really care. "You're late." He told the man who just stepped out of the car. "No Daren you are just really early. I have never been late and i never will be late."
"Well I'm just glad you didn't run into any unwanted characters."
"So why did you want me here again?"
"No particular reason, I just wanted to see what was happening in your daily life away from the Organization."
   Daren raised an eyebrow in question. Ezra never liked listening to Daren's rants about how evil his teachers were and how he wanted to stay with the Organization 24/7 instead of whenever they needed his help or he was due for a lesson. He turned to face Ezra, "OK, you never want to know whats happening outside my magic life. What's really going on?" Ezra opened is mouth to say something then changed his mind and closed it once more. "Fine don't answer." Daren learned early on that when Ezra didn't want to answer something you shouldn't keep asking otherwise things would get ugly, fast.  "You wanna know whats been happening well I'll tell you what's happening, absolutely nothing." There was silence, it took Ezra a bit to finally reply. "Good, I'm glad to see every thing's fine." He turned making the sand churn under him and simply walked away. Daren stood there stunned at what just happened.  He finally found his voice," That's it? That's all you wanted me for? To ask what was happening about my normal life?! No villains or break ins of any sort? Nothing?" Ezra never replied, he got into his car and drove away. "What the heck is wrong with that guy?" He muttered to himself and he started walking home.

"How much longer until we get there?" Brooke complained from the back seat of the car. Soon her brother told her. They had been driving for hours to the "special surprise" her brother called it. "Can't I take this stupid blind fold off now Jack?"
"Where is it your taking me again?"
"I didn't tell you where we were going, did I."
"Then do you think I would tell you."
"Correct so just stay calm until we get there." Brooke sighed and slumped back in her seat. Her long loose curly hair fell over her shoulders and onto her navy blue v-neck sweater. She had on her silver flats and jeans. A  silver locket dangled from her neck, a silver oval about the size of her thumb. Do you have any idea where were going? She thought. A few seconds of silence passed before someone answered.
I have as much knowledge on where you're going as you.
So you have no idea do you.
Not a clue.
You said you were going to help me.
I did, just not with this.
Five years of hearing you in my head can't I see what you look like?
Common Diego! Please.
You will see me soon.
How soon? There was no response. She muttered something about wringing his throat if she ever saw him. He popped into head about five years ago a year after she traded her house for a new one. He came in after she had a really weird dream. She was back home at the fountain, but no one was there. She looked a little older than she was right now 16. The trees surrounded her turning the once happy scene dark and eerie. Something rustled be hind her, she turned around. And there he was. A five year old child looking at her with those bright blue eyes.  Those eyes boring a whole through her changed suddenly to a hard angered look. The trees bursted into flames and when she turned around the innocent kid was gone and in his place was a tall teen around 17 with those same eyes but a little longer and shaggier hair covered with a long brown cloak like a monk with the hood pulled up making his face darker and creepier. The flames started to dance closer around them, he smiled a wicked smile. Then through the roar of the flames she heard a voice, not Diego's but some familiar voice. Your weakest hour is upon you, only then will the light shine through. With that the flames engulfed her and she woke screaming and in a cold sweat. She's had that dream ever since and its always the same never different. Something was nagging at the back of  her head after that first dream, something seemed oddly familiar about the boy, she couldn't put her finger on it.

   Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her brothers voice. "Wait one second don't do anything just stay put I have to check something." She didn't even realized that the car had stopped moving. Silence enveloped her, making her hear a high pitched sound. Minutes passed. The noise only seeming to get louder in her ear. Finally her door was opened. Horrid sounds rushed into the tiny car. "Come on!" It wasn't Jacks voice who broke the silence. It was her mother. She sounded worried. Brooke tore the blind fold off blinking away the bright light trying to take in the scene. When the spots danced away she could see her brothers and her dad fighting what seemed to be a giant rabid dog. Her mouth gaped at the sight. "What the heck is going on?" She questioned her mother. "No time to explain." Her mother replied, she grabbed her daughters wrist and started to run towards a shack a few feet away from the commotion. Half way there Brooke stopped like she hit a massive wall. Her mother stared at her as she turned towards the beast like a zombie. She started walking towards the massive thing and raised her hand. At the palm of her hand a blue haze started to glow, it grew bigger until she had to use two hands to hold it. The blue orb of fire danced in her palms then shot out at the beast with a swish. It hit him straight in the center if his chest. There was a rumble and then he exploded into pollen like dust. Every one turned their eyes towards Brooke. Her legs began to buckle and darkness took over her mind. Luckily Noah caught her right before she hit the ground.

"The time is now, we must tell her what she and what this whole Organization is about."
"Patience Diego, she will learn soon enough."
"But she's much more powerful than our expectations! She needs the proper training now before this gets out of hand."
"No not today. We'll put her back into the car and make it look like it was all a dream. Today's event will be nothing more than a figment of her ima-" His sentence was cut off by a sudden entrance. "What happened? I was starting to walk home when I saw a giant blue explosion! The I saw you guys running towards the explosion so i followed you here and who the heck is she?" Daren pointed to the unconscious girl on the table before them. Diego and Ezra exchanged glances silently agreeing on an unsaid plan. "Her name is Brittany Long we think shes the one who caused the explosion." Ezra explained. "She was found near the blast scene and so we went to check it out and now we're waiting for her to wake up so we may ask her a few questions."
"Well can I wait with you guys? I have nothing better to do at the moment."
"it's alright Daren we've got it covered just go home."
"You sure?"
"Positive." Daren gave them a suspicious look and walked out of the little shack. Once the door was closed behind him he made it sound like he walked away. Once he thought it was safe to move again he put his ear up to the door to listen into their conversation. he picked up Diego's voice, "Bridgette Long?? I thought we silently agreed on Donna Lee."
"Oh will you forget about what we 'named' her. As long as Daren doesn't find out who she really is then we'll be safe."
"Why shouldn't we tell him it's Brooke? For goodness sake she's been miserable without him. Jack, Noah, Joey, and Tyler are all in collage and she barely sees them anymore and Jacob is on his last year of high school. We should reunite them. It would be better if they were back together again."
"No. I keep telling you it's too dangerous to keep them together let alone in the same neighborhood. So unless Daren somehow finds her then we will tell them and only then will we tell them how powerful they are."  The rest was all mumbles for Daren. His heart jumped in his throat and his breathing turned shallow. His bright blue eyes widened in disbelief. He glanced at the door once more before running off. Tears sprang to his eyes as he thought back to the horrid day when Ezra had told him that Brooke was gone forever.


    Daren was eight, three years after she left for D.C. He lying on the edge of the fountain looking up at the shocking blue sky and the bright green tree tops that seemed to never end. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again he saw Diego standing over him. He yelped in shock and rolled off the fountain ledge banging his head against the ground. "Why on earth did you have to do that?" Daren complained. He looked back at Diego and saw his grim expression. "What happened?" 
"Brooke was killed in a car accident." He shook his head and laughed. "No seriously what happened?" Diego's black eyes were cold and harsh, there was no trace of his usually sense of humor. Daren's smile was wiped off his face. His blue eyes swimming in overflowing tears, one finally broke the dam and rolled down his cheek. He spoke in a small voice,"She's not dead. She can't be, I know she's still alive." Diego's expression didn't change. "You're lying to me!" He stumbled back into the thick of the forest and ran towards his home, tears blurring his vision. Ripping the door open he ran to his room and broke down on his bed. Soon his eyes went dry and he fell asleep.

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