Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homophones Homework

OK so my teacher told us to either fill out a sheet with homophone pairs on it or write a story with homophones so of course i chose the story.

Kallista i now hope you are happy i posted this :P

I stare at my blood stained hands unsure of what just happened. A man, torn to shreds, lies at my feet. A dagger, my dagger, plunged into his chest. Shadows lick his face, a ruby stained memory of what was once human. His lifeless green eyes pierce through the sea of red. I bend down and rip the dagger out of his heart. Glancing over at his face one last time, thinking of all the pain and misery he’s caused to this world. Those lives he took, innocent and weak. No more lives shall be slain by his hand. A wave of emotion swept over me; trying to blink back tears I saw what I had hoped to never see. I was in front of my home,whole and not burned to ashes, my mom and dad bustling around the yard tending to the garden. I was under the shade of our tree reading my favorite book again. The vibrant colors of the vegetables and the flowers stood out against the pale yellow house. It’s all too cheery for my liking, now that I knew what was going to happen. I counted down the seconds until he showed up. 5…4…3…2…1… whoosh! The house went up in bright orange flames. I jumped in my spot stunned from the sudden fire. After a few minutes of shock the flames parted and a man stepped through them. He was tall and lanky; he wore a black fedora and a leather coat. The hat was pulled down too low for her to clarify his facial features, but his dark blond hair stuck out from under his hat tied up into a small ponytail. Almost instinctively I climbed up the tree using the branches as stairs. Through the leaves I saw the man pull out a long sword, I looked away not wanting to see what happened next. That terrible scream filled my ears again, my mothers scream as he ended her life. I dared to take a peek to see my father trying to fight the man, only to end with a sickening gurgling sound emitting from my fathers mouth. He slumped to the ground and the man slid his sword out from his gut. I had no more family, my possessions gone; all that was left of my house was a pile of ash sitting in a huge hole. I swore on that day to find the man and make him pay for what he did. Slowly the day’s started to pass soon weeks sped by months flew out of sight, and now finally after three years of searching, the deed was done. I could finally breath knowing that the killer was no more.


  1. LOL Yeah! I'm happy now! Awesome story Skulgirl! Very well written! I can't believe the talent you have!

  2. i hope ur teacher likes that!

    *draws out dagger*

    or else....


  3. Beautiful imagery in a disturbing story! On the whole, chilling. Brr.