Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Short story

OK so this isn't part of the story im writing but i thought i should share this with you guys cus well its taking me FOREVER to think of something to write about for chapter three so yeah...... heres the story

Inside the house they heard it, a single gunshot. A man and girl ran outside to see what that gunshot was for, that’s when they saw them, mob of men in tattered clothing holding rifles high in the air shouting at what seemed to be nothing under the blood red sunset. They just stood there awestruck. The man was the first one to snap out of the daze, the mob was half way to the house. He grabbed the girl by the shoulders, ”I want you to go to the safe house and stay there until I get back I have to get a few things first. Molly you hear me!” She just looked at him nodded her head and went to give him a hug but he pushed her towards the safe house. “Don’t come out for anything.” He yelled out. Molly ran to the safe house and slammed the doors behind her. She sank down to the floor and waited. After a few minutes she couldn’t stand it anymore, she picked herself up and opened the door just a crack. A wave of warmth washed over her. Instinctively she pulled back and saw the house in bright red and orange flames devouring the house as if it was a greedy child in need of candy. She opened the door a little more to see a man standing in front of the mob. The man was then shot more than once, to see him jerk in an unnatural way was just too much for Molly, he looked like her rag doll. The man fell and the mob crowded over him looking at him with accepting eyes. When he didn’t move they all cheered, they laughed with glee in their eyes. They broke down into more laughter as they departed the crime scene. When she couldn’t see them any more she brought herself out of the safe house and ran to the man. Stopping abruptly her hand jumped to her mouth, fat tears rolled off her cheeks and onto his. His clothes were torn to shreds and stained a dull red. His body looked stark white against his rust stained jacket. The sunset had now changed into a bright full moon, the light reflected off of something in his coat pocket. Molly saw the light and bent down and gingerly picked it up as if it would turn to dust if she touched it. The full moon reflected of the silver pocket watch. She opened it to see the remaining picture of them in a time when they were truly happy. Molly and her parents were smiling at her, they seemed almost alive, but now she had no one. Benjamin Beatles was no more, his work has now perished along with him. Molly was no alone. The hardest part was excepting the only person who truly understood here was gone forever. The new challenge would be finding a new place to call home.

Ok i dont exactly know if this was the final copy i went with but its one of the good ones :P

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  1. Wow! Incredible writing Skulgirl! Very exciting story and sad too. I want to know what happens to poor Molly!
    Thanks for posting another one of your epic stories Skulgirl! :D