Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Acursed Love

Im still playing around with the title idea for this poem
i was browsing through some old documents when i found this one i wrote for a free write and later used it for my 8th grade portfolio thought i should share it with you guys see what you think

She stands under the bare tree
Her tattered dress billowing behind her
Eyes glazed
Focused on the day
They would be free
Her father struck a deal
This was their price

She had never tasted food
No royal banquet has ever been good
Food a ghost
Phasing through their grasps
Still they looked well fed
And well treated
All a lie

He ran up behind her
Shocked at the sight of her
In ruins
Her dress no quite fitting right
Touching her cold shoulder
He gasped
Under the full moon
A blood rattled skeleton
Stood in place of the princess

This was never in his job description
Always curious
He reproached her
Still she out looked her kingdom
Cold and cruel
He grasped her slender hand
She breathed in as the sun arose
The peach flesh crawled over her
Reviving her to her prime beauty

Eyes flooding in tears
This could not go on much longer
A war was to be made
To end this treacherous life
And begin a new

The moon hung low in the sky
Skin melted away
Revealing bones young and old
Royalty in front
Commoners in the back
All equally armed
Ready to serve
Ready to be free

Weapons raised high in the air
Charging at their life long enemy
Heads rolled along the ground
Some were human
Others not
Red splashed in every corner
The only mortal stood atop the hill
Obeying his orders
Itching to concur
Piercing screams coated the hills

A war unlike any other
Limbs flying
Blood sprayed
Heads rolling
King and queen fighting valiantly
Alongside their only daughter
Sprinting ahead she faced their master
With one swipe of his claw
Her skin returned
Blood flew everywhere
Falling to the ground
In four separate strands

His heart thumped in his ears
Time stood still
As his mutilated love
Fell to the dirt floor
Death is a cruel fate
Living with death
Is far worse

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! This is FANTASTIC Skulgirl! You are so amazing! Love your poems! It's good to read something from you again!
    *hugs her*