Sunday, September 25, 2011


From afar i have watched this wretched place
a curse from the days before
so long i have watched
and waited
for the perfect time
to be set free

nows the time
under the full moons light
i take out the gaurd
bury him somewhere safe
i take my new clothes out from under the bush
my sword gleaming in the crystal light
silent as the shadows
i slip through the gates
to my long awaited freedome

you wait for me
wondering how long it should take
i sneak up behind you
wondering how long it would take
for you to notice me

i muffle your scream of shock
with my gloved hand
we take on the land
leaving our past behind

it doesn't matter if i'm so royal
and your so common
all that is behind us
a scar in the distance

1 comment:

  1. *hugs Skulgirl*
    I really miss you my friend. I'm sorry I have not left you messages or anything to let you know. It's not that I was so busy. I am never to busy to think of you. It's just that I have struggled for a while over some things. But you are always in my thoughts and I find myself looking for you and hoping to see you again.
    I do read your blogs as I do others. I have just gotten so bad at leaving comment.
    *hugs Skulgirl again* I hope all is well for you!